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LeopardMagic Bengals

LeopardMagic Bengals photo

We lovingly raise only TICA registered Championship Bloodline Bengals in Browns, Silvers, and Snows and in Rosetted and Marbled on our 5-acre hobby farm. It is so nice to have a"Little Leopard" playing in your livingroom...and then having people stop to ask about "What kind of cat is that? It's gorgeous!" when you go out with your Bengal is also fun! We strive for huge, majorly contrasted rosettes for that WILD look, while still being super sweet! We provide HUGE starter kits, including water fountains, with all of our kittens, along with a 1-year health contract, etc. We are located 7 miles west of the Kansas Speedway. Call Amber with any questions: 913-488-1326.