StarAngel Bengals photo New Jersey

StarAngel Bengals


StarAngel is a small New Jersey Breeder in Southern New Jersey. A TIBCS Breeder of Distinction producing exceptional quality over quantity in our home raised kittens. StarAngel is producing beautiful brown, seal lynx point and silver lynx point rosetted kittens. The kittens are exceptional. Bengal are known for their inquisitive nature. They are gentle as a domestic cat, with the Exotic Allure of the Jungle. We are proud to have been veterinarian inspected giving us the TICA Outstanding Cattery Certification.

TecSpot Bengals photo Ohio

TecSpot Bengals

Teresa Caudell

I breed Bengals for, "The look of the wild with a purring purr-sonality!" I have been working with the Bengal breed since 1996 and I just love these cats. I focus on breeding non-fading large rosettes kittens.

Bengalglitz photo Ohio


Michelle Gattshall

We are a small in-home cattery breeding Bengals with large black non-fading spots. We raise brown, snow and silver kittens year round. Our kittens will find a soft "spot" in your heart!

ZawieCo Bengals photo Florida

ZawieCo Bengals

Lori Graf

ZawieCo is an in-home cattery raising happy and healthy Snow and Golden Rosetted kittens. Our "Hand Raised Little Lovables" come to you fully veterinarian checked and health guaranteed. Visit our "Snow Bengal" site at

Snow Tundra Bengal photo Maine

Snow Tundra Bengal

Hermina & Peter Hart

We are a small in home cattery specializing in top quality snow leopard rosetted bengal kittens and brown spotted rosetted bengal kittens from show quality bloodlines. We are registered with TICA and TIBCS.

Tuminello Exotics photo Florida

Tuminello Exotics

Marc Tuminello

Tuminello Exotics is located in sunny Florida . We raise our kittens underfoot with lots of love and care for the purr-fect companions. We breed brown ,snow and silver rosetted kittens . We also have show/breeder kittens available from the 2011 SE Region Best of Breed Bengal and 6th Best Bengal Internationally.

The Bengal

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