Bengals by Aluren photo New Jersey

Bengals by Aluren

Pat Killmaier

Fantastic bengal kittens available in silver, gold rosettes and occasional snows. We are a TICA cattery of excellence since 1991. Our bengals are known world-wide. Raised underfoot with love and socialized with our German Shepards. Shots, microchipped, free Pet Insurance and kitten kit to get you started.

Mainstreet Bengals photo California

Mainstreet Bengals

Debbie & Rick Corns

Mainstreet Bengals are a small, in home cattery in Escondido Ca. We have been raising and loving Bengals as a Hobby, Not a Business, since 1998. From the beginning our goals continue to expand as the breed progresses; we continually strive to produce the exquisite beauty of the Bengals ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat but with the temperament of a Tabby. Our cats express lovely clear, glittered coats, big, dark rosettes with a wild expression that can make you think they just walked out of the jungle.

Our breeding cats are carefully selected to ensure sound structure and health. They are negative for (PRA, PK Def, FIV, FELV) and tested annually for HCM by a board certified cardiologist. All of our kittens are raised in our home around other pets and children so they are well socialized by the time they are ready for a new family or the show ring. They are vet certified healthy and tested negative for parasites, PRA and PK Deficiency.

Mainstreet Bengals are represented all over the world with world, International, Regional and Supreme Grand Champions show titles. We have satisfied customers all over the world, who can testify as to the quality and temperament of our Bengals.

Our cattery is registered with and we are current members in good standing with TICA and TIBCS. We also adhere to and are signed participants of TICA's ‘Voluntary Code of Ethics' Policy.

Phone: 760-807-8096

I.C.Spots Bengals photo Ontario Canada

I.C.Spots Bengals

Heather Hill

We have been breeding quality Bengals for 20 years in Canada. We are proud of our Holistic approach to Breeding and raising kittens. Specializing in the traditional Brown/Black Rosetted pattern as well as the snow. Our kittens are raised with loving and attentive hands and fed a species appropriate diet. Kittens are placed on contract and we provide ongoing support and guidance to our families. Kittens have a health guarantee and are fully Vet checked before leaving. Cattery visits are welcome and encouraged.

Bengal Chateau photo Florida

Bengal Chateau

Cindy Hoskin

We are a small Boutique Cattery specializing in the ALC type; with both early generation and SBT Bengals. Brown, Silver, & Snow are all a part of our Cattery Chateau!

Allure Bengals photo Virginia

Allure Bengals

E.J Dorton

Allure Bengals has been breeding exotic Bengals since 2004. We selectively breed to produce the highest quality Bengals in pattern, colors, and correct structure. Allure Bengals has exquisitely rosetted brown spotted, snows, charcoals, and silvers. We are world renowned for the excellent health and health guarantees we offer. Kittens are born and raised in our home. Visitors are always welcome.

Lap Leopard Bengals photo Connecticut

Lap Leopard Bengals

Monique Dillon

We are a small in-home cattery located in Connecticut (although we do ship) dedicated to every litter. Quality and not quantity is what we strive for as we pour all of our attention and time into each litter. We are a military family with a dependable income so we do not need to cut corners as profit is not a concern. Breeding the best Bengal for you is truly a passion we want to share.

What We Offer:

- Top champion Breeder pedigreed Bengals from all over the country. 12-18 litters annually in Brown, Silver, Seal Mink, Seal Sepia, Melanistic Brown, Melanistic Mink, and Smoke in Rosette and Marble patterns.  All 3 rounds of core vaccinations and dewormings included.  Proven socialization program insures hand-socialized Kittens with great temperament, Look at the Testimonials!  Breeder Bengals have been heavily vetted and genetically tested to ensure supreme health (PK Def, FIV, FELV, and FIP negative)  LIFETIME health guarantee on all kittens against anything genetic.  Use of only highest quality food and a myriad of lab-grade supplements. TICA registered and voluntarily signed and adhere to the TICA Code of Ethics

What Sets Lap Leopard Bengals Apart from Other Breeders.

We feel that Bengals are among the brightest and most social of cats and we raise our Bengals as members of the family. Our stud is NOT caged as most studs are due to their spraying/marking behavior. In fact, we don't own any cages at all and won't sell to breeders who do. Instead, we invest in the pheromone based Comfort Zone diffuser to prevent this offensive behavior in our Stud thus allowing him to freely roam as a member of our family. We feel that this absolutely sets us apart from other Breeders.

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